Im-Arch is organized by CGArchitect, the leading online community for architectural visualization professionals, MADI, the Digital Architecture mastercourse of the IUAV University of Venice and Tooteko a startup focused on Virtual Reality and Immersive reality for the cultural heritage .
Jeff Mottle

Jeff Mottle


CGarchitect is the leading and most influential online magazine and end-user community for architectural visualization and design professionals. Launched in 2001 by industry expert and evangelist Jeff Mottle, the site remains steadfastly dedicated to providing valuable resources for architectural visualization professionals who need to stay current in our dynamic industry. Reaching over 375,000 unique visitors each month, CGarchitect is the only resource in the industry that brings together design professionals from around the globe to learn from one another, while simultaneously bringing the most up-to-date information and news to its members.

Fabio D'Agnano

Fabio D'Agnano


The post graduate Master Course in Digital Architecture is now at its 8th edition, with 200 alumni working and living in more than 30 countries for 130 firms and architecture studios.
The Master course has the purpose of providing graduate students of architecture and professionals an enhanced knowledge regarding the use of IT instruments.
Among the tools taught at MADI you find: rendering, video animation, parametric modeling, 3d scan & print, Arduino and coding.

Gilda Lombardi

Serena Ruffato


Tooteko is an Italian startup offering a disruptive, unique device for art experience addressed to visually impaired and blind people. Tooteko offers at the same time a unique device based on NFC technology and an innovative model for museums and collections owners to create inclusive exhibition paths by 3D printed artworks replicas.

Tooteko introduces the visually impaired and blind people to an engaging experience, powered by a high-tech ring, and fostering museums to move towards full digitization of their artworks. Tooteko offers to museums the complete range of augmented reality/virtual reality applications, as well as architectural design solutions for exhibits.

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