Gerard Teo

Head of IDA VR
Luis Rivero

Founder at Urbansimulations
Helmut Kinzler / Josè Pareja Gomes

Senior Associate / Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects
Fabio D’Agnano

Im-Arch curator
Alex Coulombe

Lead VR Developer at Agile Lens
Joël Kremer

Founder at The Kremer Collection
Jeff Mottle

Founder at CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation

Whitelabel Foundation / HTC

Architales / Libeskind
Bryan Wolff

SPACE10 Designer
Hattie Foster

Head of Strategy at Preloaded
Benjamin de Wit

VR Days director
Andrzej Jończyk

Co-Founder at VR Global
Keely Colcleugh

Founder at Kilograph
Troels Dam Madsen

Project Manager at Henning Larsen Architects
David Edge

Associate Director, Virtual & Visualisation Leader Arup
Víctor Manuel Feliz Santiago

Lead Developer at Motiva
Pierre Felix Breton

Senior Technical Product Manager at Epic Games

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