Andrzej Jończyk

Co-Founder at VR Global
Helmut Kinzler / Josè Pareja Gomes

Senior Associate / Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects

Whitelabel Foundation / HTC
Fabio D’Agnano

Im-Arch curator
Pierre Felix Breton

Senior Technical Product Manager at Epic Games
Hattie Foster

Head of Strategy at Preloaded
Joël Kremer

Founder at The Kremer Collection
David Edge

Associate Director, Virtual & Visualisation Leader Arup
Gerard Teo

Head of IDA VR
Benjamin de Wit

VR Days director
Keely Colcleugh

Founder at Kilograph
Troels Dam Madsen

Project Manager at Henning Larsen Architects
Alex Coulombe

Lead VR Developer at Agile Lens

Architales / Libeskind
Bryan Wolff

SPACE10 Designer
Víctor Manuel Feliz Santiago

Lead Developer at Motiva
Luis Rivero

Founder at Urbansimulations
Jeff Mottle

Founder at CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation

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